Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Chaneled out.

So the pictures underneath are of my Chanel jacket that I have bought on ebay during my last ebay extravaganza.  It was not too bad price wise, I got it very much reduced compared to its original price.  And it FITS!!!! I am ecstatic.  It fits like a second skin.  So soft and pliable...a dream.  I have always wanted to have an original Chanel jacket, and unfortunately all of my prior attempts on ebay resulted in purchasing jackets that were too small.  It is hard to gauge the size because the sizing is for the French, in European numbers, and much smaller than what we are used to here.  I think I hit jackpot with the sizing now though.  It might be my only dry clean item that I own.  I never dry clean, just put stuff in the wash, and I don't tend to own a lot of ball gowns, but with this jacket I might use the dry cleaners in town.  They are probably prohibitively expensive.

I have been baking those Easter cakes for people, and eating some, and did not check my sugar for a while.  Last night one hour after having mango and a polenta (corn flour porrige) with lentil soup and asparagus, my sugar was 9.4.  High.  I also had a banana and a piece of chocolate during the day, and I know that it made a difference.  I need to start behaving again.  I am going to start testing after every meal to see what happens with different foods.  This morning I had a glass of celery - carrot juice that I made, and a slice of cozonac with two scambled eggs.  The sugar is...4.3.  Unbelievable.  I don't understand one bit.  It should be higher.  Perhaps morning is best for eating carbs, although they say it isn't.  Or perhaps one slice of carbs a day will not make much difference.  I still have a long way to go towards understanding how my body reacts to the sugar.

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