Thursday, April 28, 2011

Viability day today!

First of all, congratulations to Angie who had her baby boy today.  He looks so cute!
So, it is viability day today, 24 weeks.  I cannot believe that I have made it this far.  It seems that I am going through this pregnancy week after week and nothing bad happens (knock on wood), it is so unreal that it is barely registering.  And I feel absolutely great since the nausea has disappeared, other than the insomnia, restless legs and occasional shortness of breath.  Oh, and the inability to eat as much as I would like.

So how did I spend the day?  I was planning on celebrating, but the festivities will be deferred until this weekend, as MrH was out of town and my bird Max was sick.  For the last two days, he did not eat much, only tasting the food cautiously with the side of his beak and the tip of his tongue.  His little beak was warmer than usual, and his breath smelled a bit different, sweeter that usual as well.  He was also very subdued, did not do much but sit around with his feathers all fluffed up, and all he wanted to do is cuddle.  In other words, he did not make a mess and did not destroy a single thing.  This, my friends, is definitely a cause to worry in a parrot.  So today I decided to give him some leftover amoxicillin that I borrowed in liquid form, and calculated the dose according to weight (I weigh him on the Salter Harris kitchen scale) at 0.06 ml (hahaha).  In other words, I put some on my finger and allowed him to lick it off, which he dutifully did.  I probably overdosed him even with that little bit, but fortunately amoxicillin gets pooped out quite quickly.

My personal suspicion is that he probably burned his tongue on a hot edamame bean two days ago, and is still recovering, but I would rather be safe than sorry, especially since we don't have any vets in town who deal with parrots.  He seemed much better tonight, and even ate some popcorn and messed up my salad, so Maxie is coming back.  The return of the destructive bird!  Love it.

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  1. Happy viability day!!! I'm right behind you, I'll be reaching this wonderful milestone tomorrow! Glad to hear your parrot is feeling more like himself & hope his recovery continues smoothly!