Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hristos a Inviat!  (for my Romanian friends) and Happy Easter to everyone else.
I must confess that I ate too much today.  With all this good food around, it is hard to stop on time.  I mean that trifle that my friend made for lunch... who can say no to good trifle, even when one is already full?  But the difference is that when one is pregnant, the food stays in the stomach for the next week.  For me, the transit of food is definitely slowed down, as I can still regurgitate lunch bits about ten hours later.  I should invest in Gaviscon stock, given that I am their main client at the moment.  I feel heavy like a long, and very full, and not well at all, not to mention that for some reason my face swells up a bit when I eat too much as well (I think I retain fluid because of all the salt).  All the more reason to remember that a. I have gestational diabetes, and b.  I am pregnant and hence should not eat with abandon because I will pay for it not just for a few hours, like normal people do, but for about two days.  I must stamp "restraint" on my forehead for the remainder of the holidays.

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