Thursday, April 7, 2011

21 weeks

I had another ultrasound today and the cervix was 4.3 cm.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that I am developing gestational diabetes.  I checked my blood glucose a couple of times after meals and it is 7.7 to 7.9 mmol (don't know what that is in mg/L, sorry US people) but the upper limit for diagnosing diabetes is 7.7 one hour post prandial, or 6.6 two hours post prandial, or 5.2 fasting.  So I am screwed.  And I did not even have a lot of carbs this evening: we had beans with swiss chard, two tablespoons of steamed squash with garlic, and the juice of one orange with carrot and celery.  It could have been the juice, tomorrow I am only going to juice celery, cucumber, and a very small amount of carrot.  Bleah.  I can only hope that I won't need insulin.  I knew that it was going to happen, since I have a strong family history of gestational diabetes and gargantuan babies being born from both sides of the family. At least that won't be a problem, since I am having a C section, but I don't want to put Emma at risk, so that's it for carbs for me.


  1. Hooray about your cervix, boo for gestational diabetes. I still wonder if I really have it as only my fasting numbers are high and I can get away with eating a lot more carbs then what is on my diet plan and still my blood sugar will be normal if not lowish depending on how many carbs I eat (and since I've lost 6 pds in the last 3 weeks and really hadn't gained a lot before anyway, weight really isn't an issue). In any case, I'm glad we are watching it still, but I'm also glad I can get away with eating pretty much normal. I was told sometimes in late pregnancy the hormones and insulin get better and so that's why they think it's happening with me (I even had a hypoglycemic episode a couple nights ago after taking glyburide.) Anyway, hopefully it won't be too bad for you!

  2. :-( GD is high on the list of things I'm worried about, sorry it's looking like you're developing it.