Friday, April 22, 2011

23 weeks

The ultrasound done yesterday showed a cervical length of 3.45 cm which is very good.  It seems that the cerclage is holding everything well in place.  I am so impressed by how well this cerclage has worked for me, and feel so blessed that I did it.

I also started to build a baby's room.  I know I said I wouldn't, but I am nesting big time and was not expecting to actually do so much.  I thought I would just have the baby's clothes in a basket, change the baby on the bed, and sleep with the baby in my bed, and not change anything really.  Well...for some reason, I am feeling this unending urge to have a baby room, and have realized that one basket will not hold all the baby paraphenalia, so I got an old baker's rack on which I put baskets, and that will be my storage space.  I have also ordered a changing table on, it was very cheap, and has some drawers.  I will take pictures when it arrives.

I have had very few worries during these past two weeks, as illustrated by my nice dreams instead of the usual nightmares.  I used to have lots of nightmares, but they have calmed down a lot.  I often dreamed things to do with losing the pregnancy.  Two nights ago, before this last ultrasound, I have dreamt that I started bleeding.  I did not know why, but was suspecting that I must be dilating. I called my obstetrician and he was also worried (in the dream).  It was all very vivid and very much like it would have been in real life.  At one point, towards morning, I remember thinking "wouldn't it be nice if this whole thing was just a dream and I woke up all normal, still pregnant and no worries?" and then I did wake up all normal and no worries.  I remember after losing Adrian having this same feeling lots of times, that maybe it was just a bad dream, but it was not, and it went on and on.  Well, just for the record, when it is just a bad dream, it is so so so nice to wake up and realize it.

One more week and we reach VIABILITY!!!!  I need to have a viability party.  I think we'll have lamb and red beet salad with horseradish.

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  1. Happy to hear you're doing well and also excited to be getting closer to viability with you! I too am starting to feel the urge to nest, it really is wonderful to enjoy those moments of our pregnancies, so much has been taken from us in the past we need to embrace these moments of joy. Continuing to hold hope for both of us as we navigate this next portion of our pregnancies ((hugs))