Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Congratulations to my friend!

My friend I. had her baby girl and I am so happy for her and wish them good health and a wonderful life together.  This is exciting, and I can't wait to go to Vancouver and meet little A. who by the sound of it must be very delicate and pretty.  I bet she has long thin fingers.  I love that in a little girl.  I can't wait!!!!

On the sad news front, my other friend I. (another I.) lost her little dog today.  He was really a cute dog, and used to love to sit on my tummy.  I know we are all going to miss him.  I don't even know how her husband is going to burry him because the ground is still frozen. Such a sad, sad thing to happen.

In another order of ideas, I think someone should stop me from baking.  I just made cremsnit pudding (i.e. the inside only) as I did not have the crazy mindset that I am going to make French pastry dough by hand today, and I am not buying tenderflake unless it is imperative.  The lady who posted the recipe obviously had the patience to wait for the cremsnit to cool off so that she can cut it into squares, I don't have such patience...

My little seedlings are coming along just great, will post a picture tonight.  I am also amazed by how organized and clean the whole house is, there is no corner that I have not turned, and my cleaning lady has helped immensely, as most heavy physical work things like vacuuming and washing carpets or windows is not possible for me.  She is definitely worth it for us, and not too expensive.  When I am at home and can tell her what I actually want, her value doubles, because I get so much satisfaction out of seeing the things done.  (when we both work, she just tidies up and does the bathrooms and kitchen flooring, as she has no time for anything else).  I have even organized my kitchen drawers, and figured out a good way to store purses off the floor of my wardrobe.  I need to sew some purse covers for the ones that are not covered yet.  The storage compartment is a vertical shelving unit made from polyester that I got at wall.mart.

All in all, the house looks scary clean!  I think I need to relax about it a bit before my husband sends me packing ;)

I think when I am at home we tend to be easier on the environment.  This lead me to think that we all work so hard, and that might be contributing as to why we are such bad consumers and don't spend time caring about the environment.  For example, I make much less trash, as most things are either recyclable or compostable.  I also had time to investigate where to donate unwanted items, or sell some, instead of taking them to the garbage dump.  When I work long days, I am often too exhausted to care.  I also tend to use more packaged goods, for example I tend to buy yogourt instead of making my own (thus generating a plastic receptacle) and instead of buying the beans in bulk and boiling them at home, I buy them in cans, and thus again generate more recycling.  Our food bill is also only 75% of what it was before, despite the Easter Holidays and all the lamb and baking.   Partly because I waste just about nothing, knowing exactly what is in the fridge, and partly because I had time to look at where to get some good deals on flour, eggs, and milk.  (We spend a lot on food in general because we almost exclusively buy organic, except for the flour and the asparagus, both of which I cannot find organic anywhere).

Anyway, that is it for today's ramblings.  Will post again tomorrow.

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