Wednesday, March 30, 2011

20 weeks!

I never thought things would be going so well at this stage.  I am impressed with my cervical length, that is a solid 4 cm again.  Emma is healthy on her anatomy scan, and she is measuring in the 75th percentile.  I have had a good appointment with MFM, where I was encouraged to continue the biweekly scans, and even weekly if any change happens, and to come to Vancouver at viability for a while if I feel safer here.  I probably will, at least for one month from 24 to 28 weeks.  But that is still far away.  I am, for the moment, feeling safe and happy.  And I miss MrH tremendously!  After only four days of being away from him, I feel like I need the safety of his arms and his presence, his comfort, his love.  I don't know how I will live for a month or two away from him.  Of course, for Emma's sake I would do anything.

After my appointment with MFM, I went straight to the Hermes store and bought a scarf.  I wanted one for years, but thought it too frivolous to spend the enormous sum of money for such a feminine luxury.  However, for some inexplicable reason, I felt that I would like Emma to have this scarf when she is older, the one that I wore when I was pregnant with her and that I got when I was immensely happy and relieved that she is healthy and safe.  The scarf is somewhat similar to this one except that instead of purple it has a beautiful deep dusty rose tone.  It is in the dip dye collection called Clic Clac, and if anybody cares this man has an entire blog dedicated to different Hermes scarves and talks about this scarf's history.  Because it is deeper in colour, the softness of the silk is unmatched and it is truly remarkable how well this scarf holds its shape.  What is more remarkable is that it matches EVERY SINGLE item of maternity clothing that I have.  All my stuff is based on burgundy and olive green.  I actually had two tops and two pairs of pants, but today I stumbled upon a store called Jack and Jill, and I got two tops and a jacket.  I also got two more maternity pants from H&M, one grey and one white.

Here is one of the tops in boho romantic style (btw none of them are actually maternity specific, since I have already made public my loathe of maternity specific cheap materials, shoddy design and polyester feel).  The pants are maternity pants, but I can put up with that on the bottom half, I just don't want polyester touching my upper body, because I AM A SNOB.  I really am a textile snob.  I am also, apparently, not destined to be a minimalist.  Might as well embrace that truth about myself as well.  I need to fight with myself to give up clothing that I love, and I get bored wearing the same thing over and over again, as my last week of wearing two tops and one pair of pants drove me up the wall.  I tolerate it better when a. there is a hardship and I can't afford anything else or b. when the top was so beautifully crafted, from such exquisite materials, read v. expensive, that I am totally in love with it for a long time.  Of course, the latter did not apply to my maternity wear, which I was prepared to burn at stake.  So here it is, my Italian designed, manufactured and beautifully adorned with lace new love.  It will replace the uggggggllllyyyy maternity tops that I hate.

Please stop me if all my fashion ramblings annoy you.  I have a passionate eye towards well designed, well made objects, and read a lot about the history of different designers, the manufacturing process, and the care of the textiles.  Sometimes I can get downright annoying and boring.  Except that fortunately, it is my blog and so I can't get kicked out, hehehe.


  1. MrsH - your top reminds me of Seinfeld's pirate shirt! Mwa ha ha! I'm staying home sick today, btw. :)

  2. I love the top - not too over-the-top frilly, but looks like lovely material and just a bit of lace and detail to make it special.

    Congratulations on making it to 20 weeks!

  3. Congrats on making it to the 20 week mark!

    I love Hermes scarves so much. We gave one to my husband's grandmother as a thank you for hosting our engagement party, and when she passed, my MIL gave it to us. I look forward to giving it to my daughter.

  4. Enjoy your scarf and top:) That's great news - always sending good vibes your way that everything continues splendidly!