Friday, March 25, 2011

Random things

I really should stop watching youtube videos about how to prepare deserts:  I wanted to learn how to make choux puffs (cream puffs) and so I did, then I realized I had to learn how to make the custard cream to fill them up.  Made the custard cream and realized that there were lots of egg whites leftover and I had no desire for eggwhite scramble.  So...I made some macaroons with shredded coconut.  I now have A LOT of  deserts in the house.  Tomorrow I plan on breaking the rest of the scale's legs.

Here is a picture of the macaroons with some leftover coconut from the top where I ate two (gasp!)
Also, while the cream puffs are finishing baking, I will show you guys some wonderful treats from our last trip to Vancouver, when we went to a lovely afternoon tea serving at Hotel Vancouver:

I also have some pictures of the hotel room in which we stayed, it was very nice and I have been meaning to post them for a while but did not find the time:

We actually split our stay in two hotels, Sutton Place and Hyatt.  Both lovely.  And on the bed my beloved Bottega Venetta purse, which was my first designer purse purchased after I lost Adrian (that following month I bought three very expensive, around 1500 dollars each, purses.  It was good therapy).

Oh, here come the cream puffs:  all ready to cool and be filled with custard:
As you can see, I am not very concerned with esthetics today.  I just dumped the dough on with a spoon instead of piping it through a pastry bag.  I also failed to photoshop the picture at least to adjust the quality of the colours, which are awful.  On second thought, just to make MrH proud (he is an avid photographer) let's bother to adjust this picture a bit:
Much better.  Never mind that I was too lazy to use a proper camera and I used my computer's photo booth program to take a picture through the computer's camera, which is why it so blurry.  Lazy to the bone, like I said.

I hope I made everybody very hungry.  I don't want to gain weight alone here.
PS.  If anybody is interested in other random stuff, like how I arranged my spice cabinet or my sock drawer, please let me know.  I am obviously very bored and nesting.


  1. beautiful rooms and beautiful desserts! Thank you for making me gain 10 lbs just by looking at them! haha!

  2. I just finished reading your blog and have enjoyed your writing, except the recipes! It got me thinking about myself, which has led to a question for you.
    Now, I have never considered myself infertile, as I concieved pretty easily. However, I lost my second to stillbirth at 31 weeks, then had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, followed by a high risk, but successful pregnancy( 3 in 18 months). I find myself drawn to baby loss and infertility blogs and though it's been 18 years since my troubles began, I can't quite find where I fit in. I wonder how those in the infertility world would find me- infertile, unlucky, blessed? What do you think?