Wednesday, March 16, 2011

18 weeks tomorrow, off work

It is official, I am off work now.  I am getting too many Braxton Hicks when up and about, and I tried working half days but towards the end of the evening I end up with a hard uterus that is irritable and keeps me awake at night worrying, so I went to see my obs today who said it is not worth it.  I am also starting progesterone intravaginally (in Canada we don't have the injectable form, which honestly I would prefer, as the vaginal progesterone is very messy).

I had a good cry at the obstetrician's office today, I told him how freaked out I am by the Braxton Hicks.  I am very sensitive to them as well and panic when they intensify.  It does not help that exactly ten day from today is when I went in to the hospital and was dilated and that was the beginning of the end.  I am expecting something to go wrong now as well.  I thought I was stronger than this, but I am definitely crumbling inside with worries.  I want this little girl so much.  I love how she kicks non stop, and would hate to lose her when she is so strong and full of life.

We went to a 3D ultrasound last week, despite knowing that it would be a bit too early to see good detail.  We did get to see her face, she has a little upturned nose, and she was hugging the placenta the whole time during the ultrasound.  That was so cute, to see her sleeping on the warm placenta, sucking her thumb.  The 3D is something I had wanted to do with Adrian, but never got a chance.  Now at least I know I did it with Emma.  I think I will name her Emma, although I am still getting a feel for the name and the baby.

I am knitting a cozy wrap for her, will post pictures when done.  If anybody is a knitter, please recommend what type of yarn works best for babies: choices are acrylic, cotton, and wool.  I will be making a hat and mittens/booties next, then a sweater, and then some pants.


  1. Hooray for 18 weeks!

    And boo hiss for braxton hicks. I had a few around 18ish weeks too that stopped once I started "taking it more easy", as my high risk doctor recommended. So hopefully, they'll stop! I don't blame you for stressing over them though.

  2. How precious that she was snuggled up to the placenta like it was her blankie!! :-)

    As for types of yarn, cotton works best. Cotton and wool are both safer (if there is a fire, cotton and wool burn to ash and collapse quickly; acrylic melts and burns!). Even wools that seen soft to us can sometimes irritate, so cotton might be the best choice of the two. And if you can find it silk is also good. BTW I'm not an experienced knitter, I just know this because I recently asked a friend who is a professional quilter/craftsperson the same thing and this is the advice she gave me!

  3. Ugh, I would also be completely freaked out by the Braxton Hicks. It's hard enough emotionally to be approaching the time of your last loss, but then to have added worries is just unfair. I'm glad you & your doctor are taking every precaution.
    Love that you're making her a wrap & that you got to experience that 3D ultrasound with her...what incredibly special moments!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the name Emma! Sorry about the Braxton Hicks, I hope they stop now that you can be home and rest. Thinking of you. And congrats on 18 weeks!

  5. Braxton Hicks are no fun for suure. Take it easy and relax as much as you can. I know the injections sound nicer to deal with but my best friend said shed never opt for it again, that she'd take the mess of the vag over the shots lol any day.
    Thinking of you

  6. Hi MrsH
    I have been following your blog, still trying to fidure out how this thing works - a bit old, just three years younger than MrH, your husband and my brother. I think you're brave, funny and warm. I am thinking of you.