Thursday, March 24, 2011

ultrasound great

Just a quick update: the cervix is 4 cm long or close to that, as far as I could see on the screen.  The cerclage is holding better than anybody would have thought.  I am ECSTATIC!
God has been very good to me.  Emma is kicking up a storm, today she kicked so hard that the book resting on my belly moved.  She is getting stronger every day.
I have decided not to replace the broken scale since one can still balance carefully on it, and get a reading.  The only thing is that the reading is 2 lb heavier today than it was yesterday, so maybe the scale is asking for trouble...


  1. YAY! So pleased for you! I hope everything continues to go this well :)

  2. That's awesome! Glad to hear it's going so well! Regarding the scales - I too have a love/hate relationship with mine. Today is the latter. :)

  3. YEAH! Fantastic news! and pfft.. Scales are highly overrated :) hehe.

  4. I saw you at Whole Wheat & Honey the other day . . . . you look beautiful; you area always beautiful, but you just had this huge smile on your face & I thought to myself, "now there is a fabulously happy, beautiful woman!" So happy for you!