Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And nothing happened

Today was an uneventful day, marking this 19w4d anniversary of sorts: the day when Adrian's pregnancy went so wrong.  Nothing happened.  I went shopping, I laughed a lot with my mom and my friend, and I got two fabulous pairs of shoes:
Both are a similar style, and both have the height of heel that I tend to prefer. 
I also got a cute ring, it seems a bit too big, but it looks good with matching earrings, which my mom gave me as a present recently:
It matches the spring flowers outside:
By contrast, when I get back home I will post a picture of a snow mountain 1m deep on my patio.
Tomorrow is the ANATOMY SCAN day and the MFM appointment.  A big day for Emma and me.


  1. Hope the appointments went well!

    And I'm glad this day was uneventful for you!

  2. glad the day passed uneventful and nice for you and Emma. :) Love the shoes!

  3. LOVE the shoes! And glad the day was uneventful. After a lifetime of enjoying being differnt, my new favourite word is 'normal'. :-)