Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have been churning out a whole bunch of crafty things:  first I knitted a hat for a newborn, and then realized it is too large, maybe more for a one year old.  Then I knitted the same hat but in newborn size.  Here you can see both, the newborn one was knitted on double pointed needles in the round, and is mostly in moss stitch, the larger one is a much faster project knitted flat in stockinette.  I have used a 70% bamboo and 30% silk yarn for it, only one 50g skein for both.

Then I started a cozy large garment and have the two front panels finished, currently a third of the back is done.  I have no idea what it is supposed to look like when finished, and if anyone else does, let me know. I am just following the pattern.  There will be a zipper at the front, and a hoodie as well.  It is knitted out of very cheap acrylic, which I don't like, but I started with that in order to see if I still like knitting, as I was weary of buying a lot of expensive yarn and not finishing anything again (like I did three years ago--- the moths ate the yarn!).

Lastly, I keep waiting for my sewing machine that I bought on ebay to arrive, and got fed up, so I started sewing by hand.  I had two old t-shirts that I did not use much anymore, one is the brick coloured one, the other one is the brown one, which I cut up and put a piece on the bottom and one at the neck.  It is not a big deal, but I needed a long top since I am running out of options to cover the belly band on the jeans, so this is it, basic and hand sewn out of desperation.  The neck addition is a bit skewed, but I am NOT taking it apart again and sewing it one more time, 'cause I don't have patience.  Maybe later, when I get bored again and feel like taking something apart and redoing it.  This is my very first clothes sewing project, I have never done it before.  It is definitely not perfect, but it makes me feel darn crafty.


  1. Your projects look great! :-)

  2. Love the top! You are very crafty! ahhh if only I could make my projects turn out half as nice. I really lack that crafty, creative gene. Im creative, but to put it all together just totally dies on me!