Tuesday, February 22, 2011

random things

Here is a list of random things that happened this week:
1.  a little white worm fell out of my sweater today when I bent down to tie my shoelaces.  I am hoping it came from outside when I was travelling in Vancouver (here at lots below freezing there are no worms outside).  It was quite dead.
2.  my parrot can poop once every 2.4 minutes, ten times in a row.  I timed him tonight.
3.  I ate a bowl of soup yesterday and immediately after taking the last bite the entire soup bowl came back up.  I promptly vomited the entire thing back into the same bowl, and it even had the same volume!  it would have been funny if not gross.  Soup anyone?
4.  this weekend I injured my esophagus while vomiting and drooled for a whole night, could not swallow my own saliva because a painful swelling started developing in my throat.  That was scary.  I even woke up MrH and asked him to take me to the hospital, to which he told me to just relax, turned over and snored some more.
5.  but at least he cleans up my many bags, bowls and various containers of vomit.  He is a keeper!
6.  I have gained a grand total of 1 lb during this pregnancy.  With Adrian I had gained 14 lb or so by now.
7.  MrH felt the baby move yesterday.  He is quite obvious now.
8.  Tomorrow my OB will try to guess the sex of the baby if it visible on the ultrasound.  I am SURE that it is a boy.


  1. Best of luck tomorrow & great that your husband has felt you baby move - what a special moment that must have been xoxo

  2. That sounds pretty rough. Hope you start feeling better! Good luck on the U/S :)

  3. Best of luck for tomorrow! I can relate to the bowl of 'soup'; I thought I was past the vomit stage but surprise, surprise - yesterday was a VomitFest!

  4. how wonderful for Mr. H to finally feel baby H moving! I think Mr. H is definitly a keeper for you girl, anyone who can willingly and without complain clean up and take care of their woman is a total keeper.