Saturday, February 5, 2011

NT scan

I only have my ipad here and I can't type all that well on it so it will be a short post. The NT was brilliant, babyH is the next future genius of the century for all we know, at least judging by the way he is hiccuping and playing with his hands. The NT itself was 1.3 or something like that, and they measured a whole lot of newer markers like the nasal bone, the ductus venosus flow to check for tricuspid valve regurgitation, and the heart rate. Put together the markers are 97% good at picking up abnormalities I think, I appologize about not paying much attention to these details but I was much more concerned with my cervical length. I laughed with the genetic counsellor that I must be the only patient that comes for a nuchal translucency test and in fact only cares about her cervical length. But I was happy to hear that it was 4.5 cm wih no funnelling. The dark spot in the endocervix was still there but the doc today thought that it was mucus, or minor inflammation from the cerclage, although he said that he does not really know what it is but it did not look scary to him. Yay for the long cervix, that grew 1 whole cm in the past 2 weeks.
Overall I was very impressed with PCRM and with the knowledge of this doc that does the scans, he is only one of four in Canada that does all these markers, and is starting to teach the Vancouver MFM guys. Speaking of MFM, it is time to rekindle the relationship and so I asked my GP to refer me again as they promised to hold my hand through this pregnancy and to do my detailed 20 week scan at BC Women's hospital, where they generally rock compared to any other place that I know. Plus, I smell more trips to Vancouver and extra ultrasounds in my near future...which is nice and reassuring. And if sh!t hits the fan, I will have a doc already familiar with my story that will be more willing to accept the transfer to BCWH given that I am already their patient.

Plotting and scheming along...


  1. So glad to hear that babyh & cervixh are doing well. Loved your post on curried bison, wish I could try some. I love trying new foods.

  2. Hooray! And definitely a good idea to hook up with an MFM sooner than later!

  3. so glad that baby and cervix are doing well MrsH.