Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had my scan today again, and the cervix seems stable.  It was a weird experience, because the tech measuring it here in my home town gets a consistently lower number than the obstetrician that measured it in Vancouver.  He got 4.5 cm one week ago, and she got 3.5 cm two weeks ago, and 3.25 cm today.  I think she is measuring it from the level of the cerclage, not from the internal os.  There was no funneling and the dark spot at the top of the endocervical canal has filled out with mucus, although it is still mostly dark, but dark-grainy instead of dark-watery.

The tech was extremely nervous, and I don't think I helped matters by insisting that the measurements be taken transvaginally (i.e. with the dildocam).  It is not because I am a perv, although sometimes after so much abstinence I wonder, but because the measurements are a lot more accurate transvaginally than transabdominally.  Not to mention that the requisition says transvaginally as well.  The requisition is also unclear in that my ob started writing "monthly" then in the next sentence wrote "every 2 weeks".  I believe the correction coincided with my threatening to slash his tires or my wrists if I don't get to see my cervix with my own two eyes every one to two weeks.  We settled on two weeks, that is called negotiation under duress.   However now the tech is confused reading the paper, and was probably happy not to have to see my vagina again for a whole month, but hey, that did not happen, because my shrill panic filled voice boomed from the table with the mantra "every two weeks" which I am reciting in my sleep, along with "transvaginally" for when I really can't get into a proper meditative trance.  The price I will pay though is that transvaginally they can't see the baby after 17 weeks.  I told her something that came out like "I don't care about the baby, only about the cervix".  I think she must have thought I am nuts.

BabyH says hi.  He has long legs.  I showed the picture to a friend and he said he looks just like his mother, with an empty transparent brain (pointing to the large ventricles).  Yep, the wind does blow through my brain nowadays indeed.


  1. Good on you for standing your ground on transvaginally/2 weeks! I feel like a bit of a freak because when you go to a 'normal' sonographer - as opposed to an IVF dr - they seem to think transvaginal scans are a big deal. At one place I actually had to sign a special form before they'd use the dildocam!

  2. Snickered at the last paragraph. I echo good for you for standing your ground and asking for what you needed in order to have peace of heart.

  3. Yay for a stable cervix! I was thinking those probably had to be tvu's. Yuck, that's not much fun for you either. I was so happy to graduate to abdominal ultrasounds so I didn't have to shave my legs as much. :)

    regarding your note: Don't worry, I didn't mean literally stuffing my face, I'm just going to eat my regular diet for now and enjoy it for one more week. I'd almost rather just do insulin anyway than the diet, but I know we have to at least try the diet first.

  4. MrsH. Good for you for standing your ground! It must have been comical though to have them questioning the gyne/obs terribly messy handwriting to begin with, then to add the crossing out and more gyne/obsinguinese (my own wording of the writing.. haha.. Im really good at deciphering it too!). Pretty soon you will be holding BabyH. I'm very proud of you and Mr. H.