Thursday, February 24, 2011

persona non grata

I am 15 weeks today!  I had my two-weekly ultrasound, and the cervix is nice and stable, 3.8 cm with no funneling (no opening at the internal os, the top of the cervix).  This was good news.  The baby's sex was not visible since the umbilical cord was between the legs.  I think I will get another chance to look at my 20 week scan in Vancouver.

On the minus side, it felt to me like the ultrasound department were always a little cold with me, and I told my OB that I feel like they dislike me intensely over there.  He talked to them yesterday and was told that the whole ultrasound department thinks I am snooty and conceited and feel so uncomfortable with me that only one ultrasound tech has ever agreed to do my ultrasounds, the others all go hiding when my turn comes.  The good thing is that I am not becoming schizophrenic, there is a reason for my paranoia.  The bad news is... that we seem to be back in kindergarden, hello!  I unfortunately don't know whom to approach about this thing, since nobody said anything to my face, it is all behind my back like good ol' honest people.

I am not even going to mention how weird this whole thing is.  I am always friendly when I go over there, I mean I often work in the hospital and hence make small talk and say hi and smile and all that in all the departments.  However, I guess I am always very scared when I go for the ultrasounds, for fear of bad news (i.e. cervical changes) and that must be what they are picking up, being my extreme tension.  One would think that, as health care providers and generally human beings, they would have some compassion for my situation, but hey no, let us all gang up on the one person that seems to be distant and makes us feel uncomfortable because she is certainly doing it on purpose and needs to be taught a lesson.

How very very disappointing.  And then again, life is like that.  I try to tell myself that the only thing that matters is that babyH is snuggled safely in the uterus, but tonight I am tired and cannot seem to forgive and forget with my usual ease.  Perhaps a prayer and a good sleep will help me be more accepting of people's ridiculous pettiness.


  1. Blech. That is so ridiculous about the ultrasound people. How very high schoolish and lame. Of course you are worried! What jerks.

    Thanks for the extra information. I don't think his heart rate dropped significantly though I can't be sure, I'll make sure they send all of that info to my OB at least so I can ask her more about it assuming we pass and they send us on. Good idea about the doppler, I'll definitely do that. And I've been doing kick counts unofficially just to get an idea of "normal" and usually within 10 minutes I get 10 movements when I do them in his active times. I'll also probably ask my OB to see if she can get my MFM to order a doppler study to make sure his blood flow is okay, I assume with as much growth as he's had and normal fluid levels, his blood flow is probably okay or there'd be other signs of distress but still... Anyway, thanks for the extra info! That's a lot more reassuring than thinking he's going to have brain damage from lack of oxygen!

  2. Also, I'm glad everything looks good and yay for 15 weeks!!!

  3. You are right, the ONLY thing that matters is your healthy baby! Forget about those juvenile ultrasound techs. Seriously, who do they think they are?!?! Don't let those jerks get to you.

    And congrats on 15 weeks! :-)

  4. so close to halfway! MrsH. Im sorry that the US Techs have treated you like that. I am never unhappy to see you come in, you have always been pleasant, easy to deal with and with a smile on your face. How very high schoolish of the US Techs.

  5. US techs are notorious for acting silly - have you seen Juno? At my last US, the tech was a totally stuck up b*** who acted like she had no patience for me (who was on the verge of tears just before it started). So just ignore them - who cares what they think! :)

  6. Been meaning to say congratulations on your pregnancy /Baby H! Here's to a continued healthy and happy pregnancy :-)
    All the best Ioana! - Valerie (Med 2005)