Tuesday, October 12, 2010

juice fast

The first day of the juice fast is closing in, and I have done well, with no straying whatsoever.  I am quite hungry and a little cranky and impatient.  Many people have asked me why I do this, and it is hard to explain, but I think it is foremost a way for me to take care of myself and my man.  We try very hard to eat healthy, and over the years we have refined our diet to the point at which we are now, vegan for about five months, with no intake of flour or sugar either.  We are not very strict, and we do eat animal products if invited over for dinner, like yesterday.  However afterwards we try to go back to our old ways of eating, and sometimes after straying it feels hard to do.  A juice fast for 3 days really reinforces our motivation and our committment, not to mention it loads us with vitamins from all those fruits and vegetables freshly juiced. 

I like to use this time to pamper myself, and to sleep lots.  I usually relax with a book rather than exercising.  I become more meditative.  And I try to observe what comes up for me mentally, because fasting will usually bring out impatience or dissappointments or past hurts, probably by dropping the serotonin level, thus uncovering certain weak spots that need attention, which might otherwise be buried during the rest of the time.  I will likely not engage in long posts during this time, but I would like to hear from other people about any fasting experiences, if there are any, or of any sort of self care rituals that come to mind. 

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