Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

I am lighting a candle in honour of Adrian and of all the stillborn and miscarried children, as today is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day, and traditionally a candle is lit at 7 pm and burned for one hour.  In this way, everywhere around the world someone is burning a candle for the little ones lost.  Here is a picture of mine:
Tonight we broke the fast.
MrH and I went out to a nice restaurant, and had moroccan chickpeas with flat bread, and a delicious chocolate torte (hm, I don't think that was very vegan).  Am feeling quite good.  Lost a total of 3 lb during this fast.  I will probably repeat it one more time before the next IVF, in about three weeks.  I already know better than to ask if there are any takers interested in doing it with me...

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