Friday, October 1, 2010

guilty pleasures

I am firmly decided not to make this blog a grim place.  Despite the dead baby talk and all, there is also fun stuff that happens in my life.  For example, this morning I woke up without the flesh eating disease!  How much fun is that?  It did leave some bruised marks where it spread, but it is unequivocally gone.  This means that
a.  I will live
b.  I get to keep the mesh (the mersilene band wrapped around the outside of my cervix).
YES to both!

Yesterday I had to visit my ob-gyn to show him the damage, right in the middle of his lunch break. You see, I had a burning question to ask... the night before, I had some very fancy dreams, which lead to a fabulous orgasm.  I woke up feeling absolutely certain that I had, in the middle of my love affair with  my own brain, displaced the mesh.  Somehow managing to keep a straight face, he assured me that the mesh was sutured safely in place and that as long as I'm not actually having intercourse, I can have as many orgasms as I can handle.  (Just in case other people with TAC's have the same question and are too embarrassed to ask.  Not me, apparently, when they were passing around modesty, I wasn't there). Anyway, I went home happy and gave the man a great rating at (it is a site for rating your doctor).  He deserves it for putting up with me and my questions for three years.

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