Friday, October 1, 2010

bit of trivia

I stole this pie graph from Tertia's blog.  Tertia is awesome.  She did not come up with the pie, but she did annotate the last pie portion with the famous F word which she says with such lovely gusto.  Tertia from So close ( and Julie from are the first two bloggers that I started following when I realized I am reproductively challenged.  Before I discovered them, I used to feel very defective, and very alone.  (For those who don't know, I live in a little town that has one of the highest birth rates per capita in the country.  Everybody is pregnant, has been pregnant, or will be pregnant very soon.  I wish I could find out what they are drinking...)

I found Julie in the middle of my intrauterine insemination whirlwind, and I read her entire blog in three days.  I was laughing and crying alternatively, sometimes at the same time, just like in the pie graph.  She managed to make her ectopic/miscarriage/oligohydramnios/placenta previa/preeclampsia/HELLP journey seem funny and touching at the same time.  I remember thinking, how can someone go through so much and still go back for more?  That was then...

We draw inspiration from strong people around us, even from strong people in the computer.  It is a gift I have received, and now I am passing it on.

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