Saturday, May 5, 2012

What I am up to

When I got married, I had a limited budget, and instead of spending it on the actual wedding... or dress... I spent it on a personal trainer.  At 50$ a session, two sessions a week, she kicked my butt into probably the strongest, best shape of my life.  And I have been fit most of my life.

It was expensive though... and now I am working part time, and don't have the money or the time to go to the gym and do it again.  However, being fit is part of who I am (or have been so far, ahem), and I would like to go back there again.  This is why I have decided that I will become very fit again, just like I was when working out with the personal trainer, but on a do-it-yourself budget sort of way.  The goals of this new challenge are:

1.  to get into a shape that I consider to be quite fit, comparable to the shape I was in back then
2.  to do it without spending any money, or at most say under 10 dollars a week (a class here in town costs about 8-12 dollars, so I thought I would allow for one class here and there for variety and flavour) on some weeks.
3.  to do it without taking much time away from Emma, say at most 1-2 hours a week.

I might reconsider some of these points and compromise.  I might find that it is too boring to work out at home by myself and consider joining a class more than just once a week.  Or I might find that I really need the exercise equipment at the gym, and just can't do it in the living room. But most likely I will succeed.  I have enough "exercise education" by now, after all the years of taking classes and reading books and watching youtube videos, to put together some workouts, or to choose from some workouts designed by others, online.

The challenge is going to be to keep up the intensity without anybody monitoring me.  In order to help myself with it, I am going to put aside 50$ every time I work out at the same intensity as I would have had I had a trainer at the gym.  And, at the end of the month, the 50$ is going for a good cause.  Like shoes (kidding).  I don't know if I am actually going to spend the money, or just keep track of how much money I have saved by doing it myself in order to feel smug.

Feeling smug it's all that it is about.   Having a six-pack on top of it all is sooooo divine.

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