Friday, May 25, 2012

OB appt, plotting and scheming along

I saw my OB today.  He did not want me to go to Chicago for the repeat TAC.  He will try to hook me up with a local TAC performing OB in Vancouver, who has done more than the average, and who can do it for me under provincial insurance, i.e. saving me 25000$.  I hope it works.  I have an appointment with this doc in June.

In the meantime, he seemed very confident that I can carry this next pregnancy without too many problems.  He even offered to do a double TVC, but I said no go, I want the TAC and only the TAC.  He  said it would be better to avoid having another major surgery, like the TAC, but I said whatever, what I really need to avoid is another stillbirth, or a micropreemie delivery.  A surgery is a nuisance, but a stillbirth is a tragedy.  I would rather be cut up from my nose to my toes than lose another baby.  I still remember Adrian lying limp in my arms and I never want that again to another one of my loved-loved-loved-so-much babies.

As for the lower uterine segment, it will need extra care in ultrasounds over the last trimester, but he really thinks that it would have healed well and that it will not tear.  However, I am not to work, but rather to stay put in Vancouver with an ultrasound wand up my whazoohah.

I only want one more baby.  I promise.

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