Thursday, May 10, 2012

9 months today

Emma is 9 months old today!  In honour of her anniversary, both MrH and I ate way too much chicken.  I bought a Hutterite chicken (Hutterites are like the Amish, all I really know about them is that they keep to themselves, they are very unlikely to read my blog, and they raise very good free range chicken, which I periodically cook in the oven impaled on a diet coke can that I drink on my way from the butcher shop).  Today I was too tired to even find an empty can, so I gave the chicken a quick shower in the sink, I dried it up with a fluffy towel for comfort of baking, applied salt and pepper to the armpits, and plopped it in the oven at 400 F lying on a cookie sheet.  I forgot about her.  I was actually too tired to go check on her until about 1.5 h later, when I found her sooo crispy and delicious that I kept on eating the skin.   I must have eaten the skin off the entire 5 lb chicken, because I am quite sure MrH did not eat chicken skin (his cholesterol would ooze out of his ears if he did) and the chicken is quite positively denuded.

I am sick with chicken-skin-itis.  Or something.  I feel like I am going to poop a puddle of oil tomorrow.

Now, onto Emma's latest cute achievements.  She can officially stand up and fall on her padded bum and stand up again and fall again exactly seven times in one minute.  I have timed it.  The amazing thing is that she does not stop after one minute.  She can go on and on.  I thought doing five sets of 15 jump squats is a lot, but if I tried to keep up with my kid, I would be feeling like an old woman.

The cutest thing she is doing lately:  when we sit at the table to eat dinner, she grabs both my hand and MrH's hand and waits for us to pray.  We usually pray holding hands, and include her in the circle, and it is so cute when she initiates the hand holding, knowing that we are about to pray before dinner.  Divine!  This child of mine makes me want to kiss her all day long.

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