Saturday, May 7, 2011

what I ate today 25w1d

Given that I want to reassure myself that I am not eating like a pig and gaining weight beyond any hope, I will be posting what I ate daily, feel free to skip these, they are more for me than for anyone else:
16 oz latte, one coconut macaroon that I made yesterday with very little sugar, half low fat fruit bar from Star.bucks, two eggs sunny side up, half cup beans, two tomatoes, handful carrots, cup strawberries, 4 oz salmon baked, one more tomato in a salad with onion, and half of a cheese filled pocket (poale'n brau).  total calories 1750.

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  1. I love that cookie, scroll down a bit. ITs healthy, i add flax seed to it. If im looking for somethin desserty, i add chocolate. Most of the time i just add coconut and craisins and if im bored ill put peanut butter over the top of it (after its already cooked) You can really play with the recipe lol. Sounds like you are doing pretty good there i need to get better on the counting mine as well!