Saturday, May 7, 2011

25w2d-what I ate today

I woke up weighing 2 lb less today than yesterday (then again I did tamper with the scale's wheel yesterday out of frustration, and I might have turned it slightly couterclockwise...).  So here is the list of stuff I ate today: 16 oz latte, one cheese pocket, an omelet with two eggs and a cup of vegetables cooked in a bit of oil, another 12 oz latte and half of a slice of apple pie with a tbsp of ice cream, 2 oz pork tenderloin with 1.5 cups of salad, one cup strawberries,  two tbsp of honey in my tea, and that is it.  I am making a white rich bread that is currently raising by the fire but I don't think I am going to have any.  So the total for today is 1650-1700.  Same as yesterday.  I seem to naturally gravitate towards the same amount of calories, if by the end of next week I calculate somewhere in the same vicinity, then I will stop tallying.  How anybody gets fat on this many calories beats me, although pregnancy seems to completely change all laws of nature. Also, I am not burning any calories since I am very sedentary due to the incompetent cervix, that might explain it as well.

The good news is that I realized that my OB here in Vancouver has an additional business doing liposuction with both laser and ultrasound, so if the situation gets desperate all is not lost...

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