Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If you thought I was bad yesterday...

...just wait until you read what I ate today:  breakfast a slice of rye bread with raisins and lots of butter, coffee and milk, one papaya, lunch one and a half cups of veggie casserole with 3.5% yoghourt (only because I could not find 5%), then the fun begins:  one Danish from French bakery, one waffle cone with peach mango sorbet, 16 oz decaf latte, a tiny bit of pain au chocolat, half of a portion of halibut fish and chips with lots of ketchup and whatever that white mayonnaise concoction is, and two cups of green salad with half avocado for dinner.  Clearly, I went overboard on Granville Island where all the goodies are.   Total calories:  2000.  End result: feeling uncomfortably full.

I cannot recall when the last time was that I was not uncomfortably full.  I am constantly regurgitating and feeling like I need to lie down.  Being in Vancouver clearly makes me fat.  I need to cut back a bit.  I just don't want to deprive Emma of healthy foods, nor do I want to deprive myself of fun stuff to eat, so where do I cut back?

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