Friday, May 6, 2011

First week in Vancouver

The new obstetrician is actually very nice, just like I remembered.  The last time I had worked with him was about four or five years ago, and he is just as friendly as he was back then.  He told me that I should get an ultrasound weekly for cervical length at Women's Hospital, and that in two weeks he will give me two doses of steroids for lung maturation, just in case.  I agree with that plan, there does not seem to be any harm and definitely if Emma is born early it will help with lung maturation.

For the rest, I find it very depressing here and am fighting hard not to succumb to a negative mind set.  It is dark grey and raining all the time.  I am alone in the house and frequently have nothing to do.  It is not my house, and although I have tried to organize my parents' house like I want it, and they have been flexible about it, overall it is darker than mine and I miss both the sunlight and the electrical light that I have in all the corners back home.  I also miss my parrot terribly.  And, most of all, I miss MrH, without whom I don't know how I would live to be honest.

I was feeling somewhat depressed about the fact that, at the doctor's office, I weighed 190 lb.  I have never in my wildest dreams weighed this much.  When I left my house I was 182 lb less than one week ago.  It is possible that I ate too much here at my parents', since boredom makes me bake a lot, and I have been baking, but most likely there is a difference between scales.  However, I am pretty sure that I put on weight, because I no longer fit into one of the maternity pants that I brought with me.  My new obstetrician said that I don't need to measure my weight, not even at his office, where it is optional.  He also said not to worry about the blood sugar.  I am thinking I should simply try to do my best and eat responsibly (and perhaps stop baking?) and let the chips fall where they may.

Emma makes me very happy.  This morning I woke up depressed about my weight, and she gave me one kick and reminded me that I am pregnant, and made me instantly smile and feel light and loving.  I had forgotten that I was pregnant for a second.

I am not normally so depressed about weight issues, especially in pregnancy, but I know that it is the weather here that brings me down big time.  I have forgotten what it is like to live in a dark rainy place.  Hopefully the weather will improve.

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