Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day coming up

Huh, could it be that my mood is low because of Mother's Day coming up?  It only occurred to me now that it might be an extra factor, in addition to the weather, the boredom and the change in scenery.  I still don't like Mother's Day and do my best to ignore it, except for the fact that now I am here with my mother and need to acknowledge it for her sake.  I got her a nice present (a set of her favourite perfume in several sizes of bottles) and will take her out for sushi (my new OB said it is ok to eat sushi in Vancouver, yay!), but I myself feel conflicted about Mother's day.  Mostly because I am a mother to Adrian and other than my husband and rare friends, most people (including my parents) do not think that I qualify for the mother title in this case.  I am still not used to how others think yet... their lack of empathy still takes me by surprise.  It goes to show that if a person has not lived through a certain experience, they will not be sensitive to others going through it unless they have a certain amount of empathy, usually more than the average being.

I have the same conflicted attitude towards baby showers.  Part of me would like to have a baby shower, but only if it is here in Vancouver, because in my home town everybody knows me as the-one-with-the-dead-baby-who-does-not-go-to-baby-showers and hence I would feel weird having people come to my baby shower when I don't attend this kind of events EVER.  Anyway, that is far away, Mother's day is close, so brace yourselves ladies!

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  1. I am sorry you're feeling a bit down. Mother's Day is a tough one. It must also have been difficult to uproot your life to move in with your parents. Is there any good TV you can distract yourself with? What about reading "War and Peace"? Seriously, I just read it and it was really good :) Like Pride and Prejudice meets Band of Brothers ;)

    (((Hugs))) Your baking looks delicious!