Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I am surviving pretty well.  Today we went to church, and then to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum, which was delicious.  I had green beans and shrimp dumplings, followed by mango pudding, then I got myself a nice bag of lapsang souchong tea (black tea with wood smoke flavour) which I am currently savouring.  Before that I had a rum raisin ice cream in a waffle cone, and I am already at 1850 calories, which means it is time to stop eating.  I might have some fish broth later on if I get hungry, but I think I will be a happier camper tomorrow if I skip the traditional dinner.

I find that I am still too raw to think too much about this holiday and what it means for me.  What motherhood has been for me so far, the vast amount of emotions and struggle and pain and now joy that I was dealt, so very different from what I was expecting from life, or from what I have seen my own mother and grandmothers being dealt.  Emma is moving a lot and that it what matters, she makes me happy and I am content.  And for today I chose to leave it at that.

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  1. ♥♥ yes all of these days can carry so much weight in our already overloaded lives. i do hope you had as gentle a mothers day as possible. so glad little girl is moving a lot. and i'm always thinking of you and your little boy. sending my love always...