Monday, July 8, 2013

Transfer day July 6

On Saturday I woke up for the transfer and decided that I should try to get some acupuncture done to help things along.  The transfer was scheduled for 9:15 am.  I woke up at 8 and drank some water for the full bladder requirement, then called the acupuncture place listed on the website for my clinic, and got the on call person that agreed to have a session before and after.  It was very tight timing, but it went well, and I enjoyed the before session, but especially the after session, which helped a lot with my uterine cramping.

The clinic had me change and the embryologist showed me a picture of the embryo to be transferred, a 4AA expanding blastocyst that had been frozen, and had shrunk a little bit as a result, but looked amazing.  Emma's transfer was a 4AB and a 4CC.  I am guessing that Emma was the 4AB.  So, aside from the fact that this cycle was a "natural cycle", hence counting on my own hormones entirely to do their job, this cycle is remarkably similar to my previous one.  Aside from the fact that the transfer was very worried me how much cramping I had.  I don't know if it is because of the cerclage being different in feel from the previous cerclage, or if it has to do with the doctor's skill.  Anyway, I am hoping that it will go well.  I drove to the acupuncturist right afterwards and he did some laser treatment of a point just below my right knee, and the cramping stopped right away.  It was quite amazing.  I am probably going to have acupuncture in the future if I ever need to have another IVF, and will probably chose the same place, as they seemed professional and specialized in IVF related acupuncture.

In the meantime, I have (and still do) worried a lot whether I made the right choices all along: having this embryo transfer at the old clinic, when my old doctor had transferred to another clinic (but their lab is not open yet, and I was in a hurry), and having this cycle go "natural" instead of medicated.  Can I trust my body not to screw up this luteal phase?  (Because the truth is, although my body and I, we coped well through a lot of crap and are best buddies now, we still have our moments of mistrust).

This morning I woke up to a bit of cramping and worried that I would start bleeding any moment now. I did not.  It was probably my irritable bowel giving me mixed messages.  Throughout the day today I have been having the feeling of a "busy pelvis" as alittlepregnant calls it.  Let's hope for the best.

I won't be testing until the weekend.  This time I am much more at peace with the outcome.  I am more at peace because my little strawberry baby girl is sleeping right next to me as I type this, and being her mommy is enough reason for me to live a full life.  I would love another baby just as much, and I am so excited when I allow myself to think of a pregnancy, and a delivery, and a name for...

Better get a grip on it before it gets out of hand.

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