Monday, July 1, 2013

LH surge, finally

This morning I woke up bright and early and went to have my ultrasound.  The lining is 9.3 mm thick and no longer trilaminar, which usually indicates that the LH surge has happened.  There was no corpus luteum visible, and the doctor thought that it probably collapsed.  I used one of the OPK kits on the second morning urine and it was an unmistakable positive.  Hence, my transfer is scheduled for this Saturday morning.

There was, however, some scar tissue on the ultrasound, visible along the lower third of the uterine body.  I don't think that it will be a problem, at least that is what the OB said when he did my last hysteroscopy in March.  I was nervous that the transfer would be difficult, so I asked for a mock transfer, and I got one done today with no problems.  I am such a control freak!

Let us hope for the best.  I am continuing to swim and will probably run a bit tomorrow, up to the time of embryo transfer, then I might only swim and not run until the pregnancy test.  Or I might do nothing.  The doctor does not think that the exercise that I do currently (3 mile run three or so times a week, and 1 km swim three times a week) is too much, or that it will interfere with anything.  However, just to play it safe, I am probably going to give up the running, which is a bit of a bummer, since I am training for a 10 km run in mid September.  Hehe, I guess if I get pregnant then I can skip it and not feel bad...


  1. Good luck with the transfer. Thinking of you on Saturday.

  2. Good luck!!! My RE says I shouldnt swim after the transfer and no sex. I guess as a precaution.