Monday, July 8, 2013

did I just do that?

Did I just pee on a stick two days after transfer?  Yes, it looks like it.  Was it me or someone else taking over my brain again?  I don't think the embryo has even had time to hatch out of its shell by now, but I just have a hard time not doing the thing that I am most compulsive about during the two week wait:  peeing on very expensive little sticks. (It does look like I was able to hold off a bit longer than last time though...

Don't even ask what the result was.  Even after looking at the window for a FULL HOUR afterwards and studying every little imperfection, imagining lines all over the place, turning it 180 degrees and then 90 more degrees, varying the amount and intensity and colour of light, trying one eye, then the other eye, then my grandmother's glasses, then opening the test and taking out the window strip and scratching it with my nail vertically I cannot say that I saw anything worthy of notice.

Who thinks I am going to make it through tomorrow without peeing on another one?


  1. 2dpt is kinda crazy!!! wait till 6dpt

  2. Guilty...I've done it... to get a "base line" ya right lol