Sunday, June 5, 2011

sunny weather, and 29w3d

Finally, after all this rain, some sunshine!  It feels so good to be outside covered in sunscreen, donning a straw hat and sunglasses, sipping ice water.  I am addicted to sucking on ice cubes, which is strange given that prior to this pregnancy I used to ask the waiter to avoid any ice in my water at the restaurant (in North America you get a glass of ice plus water every time you go eat out, it is automatic.  For us Eastern Europeans who fear that ice gives you pneumonia and tonsillitis, it took a bit of getting used to).

I bought the crib!  it is so beautiful, it is a Stokke crib, and I got the organic mattress, which I swear costs as much as a normal adult queen mattress would.  My parents insisted on getting me the Stokke stroller, so I have the big purchases done.  I also got a car seat, one of those that you don't remove but rather just leave in the car, good until age 4.  I was told it is the best in safety as it has air pockets built in for side to side impact (which I promise to avoid).  Here are the pictures of the crib and stroller, except the stroller is in navy colour.


  1. My husband and I are in love with the Stokke crib!! Someone he works with said her friend was going to be selling hers and we've beenwaiting to find out if she actually is - if so we'll get it and buy new matresses.

    I'm very jealous or your straw hat and sunscreen; in Australia we're headed further and further into winter. Sigh.

  2. awesome baby gear Mrs.H. I am in love with that crib! and the stroller, amazing!!!!!

  3. That's a pretty sweet stroller and crib:) Enjoy!!