Friday, June 24, 2011


I am continuing to do amazingly well.  I am swimming daily, and was thinking of asking if I can move into the pool, since I love it so much.  The best part about the swimming is the smell of chlorine and latex or silicone caps that people wear.  It is such a fresh and lovely combination, and since I am obsessed with wanting to chew on rubber, it makes my mouth water.  The second nice part is the lack of gravity.  Since I started swimming, my heels stopped hurting completely, I think that taking the pressure off my feet for one hour each day is very good for them. I also don't get swollen legs anymore.  The third nice part is the shower afterwards and the lovely body lotion from John Masters Organics that I splurged on (vanilla and blood orange).  It does not compare with the smell of rubber and swimming pool chlorine, but it is very nice nevertheless.  If they made the following fragrances into a room spray, I would buy them in bulk: rubber, leather, swimming pool, dusty street immediately after a fresh rain, ozone from my mom's cosmetic steam machine (you know, the one that cosmeticians use for a facial).

I am no longer worried that I will go into preterm labour, although two nights ago I dreamt that I was dilating painlessly again, and that I was starting to notice Emma's head coming out from my vagina.  In the dream, they put me in the hospital in Trendelenburg (upside down) in order to prolong the pregnancy.  Other than this dream, I don't have many other fears, except for the one major one that Emma will die in my belly before she comes out.  Like from a cord accident or some unknown cause.  Whenever she hasn't been moving for longer than an hour, I poke at her, and she is a good partner, kicking me back right away.  Her movement is constant and so rewarding!  If she moves at night when my sleep is light, I wake up and cannot sleep anymore from too much happiness.  Insane, I know.


  1. glad to hear that your pregnancy is still progressing smoothly. not much longer...

  2. Being unable to sleep at night because it's just too wonderful feeling your bub move isn't crazy - I do it too!!