Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hard to believe

This pregnancy has gone so well and so smoothly that I am almost shocked.  I mean no bleeding, no cervical shortening, no real scares at all.  Everything is amazingly normal.  I cannot believe it on most days.  I still half expect to see blood when I wipe on the toilet, and when I don't see any I feel so blessed that I have this healthy big baby inside, that nothing else seems to matter.  And time is flying by!  I thought that I would be in anxiety hell this whole pregnancy, and instead I am loving it, and I am quite a lot more relaxed than I ever thought myself capable of.

Today I was in the lineup for the restrooms at the movies (saw Bridesmaids, funny and quite good) and I caught my reflexion in the mirror.  Well, let me tell you I had forgotten that I am pregnant for a moment, and I was shocked to see how huge I am.  It still feels like my body, with minor adjustments, mainly involving bladder real estate, but when I look in the mirror it looks so different!  And when I lie here thinking about the fact that I have a whole baby in my belly, a large one at that, I am in awe.  Is this really happening to me?  I didn't think it ever would.


  1. I've felt the same way recently, amazed & so surprised to have made it to this moment in the pregnancy, it's awesome isn't it?! I also saw Bridesmaids recently...I agree hilarious!!! So glad you're enjoying this and relishing having reached this point in the pregnancy!!!

  2. I understand! 31 weeks 2 days today, and I STILL look at the loo roll each and every time I have a pee. And find the expanding middle perplexing; I haven't been able to photograph it like 'normal' preggos. And don't understand the pressure from friends to let them organise a shower, etc. I wonder if Sparky is born alive if I'll believe it then or just think I'm living in some sort of dream. I hope I believe it - I hope I can feel it as much as my loss. But it's hard to know!

  3. So happy to hear you are so far along and doing so well! I went onbefrest at 27 weeks and I know once I made it past 30 weeks I felt much better..I always looked back at Danielles little one that was born at 29 weeks and did so well! Anyways just wanted to say hi and send my best! My husband and I just moved down to Abbotsford a few weeks ago so maybe I can come for a visit sometime, I'd love to meet little Emma when her time is right :). Kelly