Monday, June 13, 2011

30w4d, feeling sorry for the tuna

Hehehe, almost 31 weeks!  who would have thought?  And I must say I don't feel that much different from 24 weeks.  Once the nausea went away, I felt great and have very minor nuisances, with which I cope in ways I have discovered as time went on.  For the restless legs, a cold shower and dry brushing with a loofah before bedtime has helped.  Also, not allowing myself to get too tired, as when I am exhausted the RSL gets really ugly.  For the cellulite and weight gain, I found that water retention makes it look obvious, and in the mornings my legs are pretty close to normal, so I am sure that cutting back on the salt has helped.  No more french fries, or sushi (well, the occasional one is fine).

Yesterday I hovered over a piece of tuna sashimi and nearly started crying remembering The Old Man And The Sea.  For some reason, I haven't been able to eat tuna since I read this book.  Warning: Hemingway is not suitable in pregnancy.  Hormones, hormones... The poor old man and the poor majestic tuna fish...bhhhhaaaa....

I have discovered a new skincare line, in my quest for organic cosmetics.  It is called Jurlique, and although it smells herby, it is very nice for my acne-prone skin.  I must say, in this pregnancy, I have had nearly perfect pores, and only a handful of acneic lesions, so it might not be the perfect case study.  However, I have tried both Yonka and Jurlique, and I must say I like the ingredients and the smell in Jurlique better.  Their day lotion is very light and non comedogenic, and their toners are quite lavish (they call them "misters").  However, the best skin care product found so far will make you laugh.

I always rolled my eyes at people who use compressed Evian water to "refresh their complexion".  I mean c'mon, spending money on water in a silly is that.  However, I stumbled upon a very much discounted can of Evian water and bought it just to have another silly laugh.  I am totally hooked!  It makes my skin glow with a dewy finish, and makes me feel so refreshed, especially with the recent heat and good weather.  I wonder if sometimes laughing at something isn't actually a sign that we subconsciously would like to have that item but for some reason won't allow ourselves to have it.

I am baking pretzels for my OB whom I am seeing today.  He made me promise I would bring him some next time.  I hope they turn out good, they smell divine.  And I only made four (sigh!).  The rest of the dough goes towards a large pizza for hockey night tonight.  I really hope the Canucks are going to win the Stanley cup, it would make my day!


  1. thinking of you as you head toward the finish line. ((hugs))

  2. so close! You are an amazing woman MrsH.