Wednesday, June 29, 2011

33 weeks

I am getting more short of breath lately, and need to sleep on two pillows.  I don't quite know why, because today I swam and did not feel short of breath, but if I lie flat then it starts.  It is probably a combination of three things: one being the belly getting bigger, the other one being the progesterone that gives me the sensation of dyspnea, and the third one being that my nasal tissues got a bit swollen (from increased blood volume?) and hence I can't breathe too well through my nose.  I think if I eat too many carbs I tend to retain water as well (not to mention salt) and then the nose swells more.  I am making all sorts of strange associations like this, in an effort to make myself more comfortable, but the truth is that I wake up at 4 am every night and cannot breathe well until the morning, tossing and turning, and suffering from restless legs as well.

That being said, it is still a pretty minor nuisance, since I nap during the day and I am not tired.  I feel great in the water, but as soon as I walk on land, especially if there is a bit of incline, my uterus becomes irritable and I get BH.  That never happens when I swim.  Very strange.  So lately swimming is the only way I can move.  I also discovered water running, with a belt around me to keep me floating, and just mimicking the running movement in the water, it is quite nice and gives me a chance to listen to the music in the pool.  The swimming pools in Vancouver are fabulous, the water is warm and there are large windows or skylights, making it such a pleasure to spend time in them.

I am starting to plan on how I will be losing the weight after I have Emma.  I have gained 40 lb during this pregnancy so far, and am counting on probably another 5 lb by the time I deliver.  I also started the pregnancy 10 lb heavier due to SuperFAT (you remember the stupid hormone they gave me for the last cycle to suppress ovulation, it made me gain 10 lb in three weeks on a 1500 calories a day diet).  So, all in all, I am looking at 50 lb to lose, likely about 30 of which will require work.  )With Adrian I lost 20 lb in one week after delivery, and had 5 lb left over to work on.  That's why I am assuming with Emma I will lose about 20 lb following the delivery).

I have never had to lose so much weight, and it seems a bit daunting.  I think initially I am not going to do much about it, since I have to establish breastfeeding and will be recovering from the C section, so other than eating healthy and avoiding deserts I cannot do (but that I am already doing, and still gaining, so I don't know that it will work much).  After about 4-6 weeks I will be allowed to exercise, and am planning to work my way towards an hour on the elliptical trainer five times a week (will start slowly) and, if I can bear to leave Emma for an hour or so in the evenings, to go swimming as well three times a week.  I also will take her for long walks, I think she will like that.  I am afraid of jogging with an extra 30 lb on board, that is asking for joint troubles.

I am looking forward to getting back my lighter and stronger body, but I still enjoy enormously being pregnant.  I don't want it to end anytime soon.  I love feeling Emma move, and the happiness of being round and beautiful.  I have waited to be big and pregnant for so long, that I don't want it to be over yet.  Perhaps in six weeks I will feel differently...

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  1. I wish I could LIVE in the water! It's so much more comfortable and I feel like I can really exercise - which I just can't do out of water any more. I can't even contemplate how much weight I have to lose. 5 years of IVF were not kind to my body. :-(