Tuesday, October 1, 2013

little smurf

I saw the little smurf today on the ultrasound.  As of Monday morning, I woke up with almost no nausea at all, I mean I get the barfys if I smell stuff or drink too fast, but gone was the ever present nausea that was making me lay on my side constantly.  I am up and about, and cooked some elk steak and green beans today, and am even going to BAKE something, a sweet bread with yeast and honey/walnuts on the surface.  I will post pictures...mmm...

Relief aside, I was very worried that babyB has died and that is why I am feeling so much better.  To be honest, there is not an hour that goes by in the day where I do not worry about the baby having died,  but over the past two days I started worrying about how I am going to miscarry with the cerclage in place and with my colourful history of bleeding to near death twice before, and no OB on a radius of 500 km, no operating room, etc.  You know, the usual stuff that remote rural crazy pregnant people should worry about.  Oh, that and the fact that there are only four units of blood here in town.  Total.  If I start to bleed, that is NOT going to cut it, man!

So, after playing my exsanguination fantasies in my head for a while, I went to use the ultrasound machine in the hospital.  I was not able to see anything on it last week, so I did not have much hope,  but this week the little smurf was a lot bigger, and there was an obvious heartbeat, and that is all I cared to see.  In my limited non existent ultrasound experience, I could not see a subchorionic hemorrhage this week either, so what the heck, I have no explanation for my weird bleeding.  I guess it is just one of those things...

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  1. What a relief, both to be feeling a bit better and to hear the heartbeat!!! Hope you don't have any more bleeding issues. So hard not to be fearful all the time, wishing you peace & a completely uneventful boring rest of this pregnancy!!