Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8w1d heard the heartbeat

It is possible to hear the heartbeat this early!  I heard it, and MrH has too.  It just takes a very long time of playing with the doppler, and the sound is very...tiny.

Tomorrow I am flying to Vancouver, which will involve two separate flights.  I have the feeling I should take a couple of puke bags with me on the plane.  This take off and landing business is not the best for me right now.

I don't have any other updates.  I am still spotting.  This is taking so long to stop... perhaps at least in Vancouver they will be able to see where I am bleeding from.  At least it is nice to know that I can now hear the baby, so I don't have to sneak into the ultrasound room every time I bleed.

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  1. I heard both Aidan and Kaia's heartbeats very early on the doppler (9ish weeks?). My husband got very good at finding it! It was tiny, but definitely a very reassuring sound!