Tuesday, October 15, 2013

vomit comfortably?

I am vomiting a lot more often now, and it is soooo painful, especially when I don't have any food in my stomach and all that comes up is pure acid.  I am still taking the zofran, but it is not working as well anymore.  At 9 weeks, I guess the nausea and vomiting are hitting their peak, hopefully before they start to subside...

One of my colleagues did some acupuncture on me, but the pain from the needles created more nausea, and I ended up puking just as I was taking Emma out of the car when I got home.  She started crying and saying "mommy hickup".  She gets freaked out by my being sick all the time...

Here are some websites that I am researching lately...haha.  In case someone else is struggling with it.

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