Saturday, October 5, 2013

almost 8 weeks

I am going to be 8 weeks in two more days.  I am very nauseous today and, despite using ondansetron (which I am rationing a bit, taking only 4 mg at a time, and only if I am working or very sick) I have started vomiting.

For some reason, I am not as gracious this time with the nausea and vomiting as I was with Emma's pregnancy.  I had so much more patience back then!  I felt like my body was hers to use, and that was that.  This time, I am waiting impatiently for the nausea weeks to subside, so that I can be a good mother to Emma again.  As it is, being in bed makes for a cuddly momma, but hardly for any learning or outdoors activities, and in my head, that is what makes me a good mother, giving her opportunities to learn and live a healthy life.  Is being next to me in bed while I am two shades of green healthy? Is listening to me puke scarring for her?

I think essentially that is what is at the root of the impatience and lack of acceptance for this pregnancy's  nausea.  I am just starting to figure out how I can be a good mother to two babies.  I guess the road is long and complex ahead of me.

PS.  I deleted the prior post with the picture of food, as it was making me sick. Don't ask.


  1. Being pregnant with a little one can be tough, especially with the morning sickness. As long as you're spending as much time as you can with Emma, you're being a good mama! Hopefully the morning sickness doens't last too long.

    There are days I worry about being a good mom to two kids, especially when I feel like a less-than-stellar mom to one. You aren't alone!

  2. Boo to morning sickness but awesome that you're 8wks! Hope the nausea subsides quickly!!!

    1. I am guessing the fact that you are out here commenting means things are going well? grin :)