Monday, October 21, 2013

dragging on

What's new over here? Well, I thought I had it bad when I was just sick from the pregnancy, but now, to improve things, I also got a cold and a sinus infection.  My right maxillary sinus feels like it wants to explode through my teeth.  I have decided to hold of on antibiotics for a few days and see if I beat it without, since in pregnancy one can only take crappy antibiotics anyway, which are unlikely to work and will give me a yeast infection.

Emma is doing very well but watching way too much Dora and Caillou.  I just cannot entertain her anymore in the evenings, and so I let her loose on my ipod.  Guilty as charged...

Two days ago, feeling like I should do something for this poor child, I decided that I am going to the swimming pool, sinus exploding or not.  I was pretty sick, but dragged my butt over there, and was a good sport mostly sitting on the side of the hot tub, while she was playing with plastic boats in the warm water (our hot tub is actually a warm tub).  When I got up to hopefully go home, thinking that I deserved a medal for showing up, the lifeguard lady came to me and said "I hope you don't mind my saying this, but your butt is showing through the bathing suit".  Apparently the fibers had stretched more than I noticed and the suit had become transparent.  I threw it in the garbage right away, but...

Was that ever an embarrassing moment, in particular in this small town where everybody by now probably knows that my ass was on show.  I have decided, in mature fashion, to realize with my adult mind that having a stretched out bathing suit is not a character flaw, and that given how sick I am lately, this is the least of my worries, along with other appearance-related issues.  But in this society, appearance is more important than being a good, moral person, and so it does matter.  

Emma wants to go "wimming" all the time, so I will have to show my face there again.  Not looking forward to it...even though I have another bathing suit that is hopefully in a bit better shape.

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