Monday, May 26, 2014

diet, exercise stuff post partum

I am now almost 2 months post c section, and have only managed to lose about 6-8 lb.  I have another 30 lb to go to get to my ideal weight, and about 15 lb to reach pre-pregnancy weight.  I have no idea why it is going so slowly.  My mom has joined me here in Little Town for the past week, and we are basically eating just about the same things,  plus another 250 calories for myself because I am breastfeeding.  Daniel eats around 100 ml each feed, so around 600 ml per day by now.  To make 30 ml of breast milk, one uses 20 calories, so I am using 400 calories just to feed him per day.

Overal, I am consuming 1250 calories per day, and exercising four to five times a week, always some form of cardio (usually running 2.5 miles).  My mom has lost 7 lb, and I have lost 1 lb.  We both have about the same ideal weight goal, and I started further from that goal than she has.  Generally the further from goal one is, the easier it is to lose weight.  I don't get why I am losing so slowly, except for the fact that my diet was very careful during the pregnancy and afterwards, so for me it was not as great of a change.  Is the breastfeeding somehow hormonally preventing the weight loss?  Have you guys experienced this as well?

However frustrating this is, I am of course sticking with it, since this is my actual lifestyle, only with fewer calories than usual (usually I go for 1500 cal per day).  I am prone to gaining weight easily, and so cannot really afford to have 2000 calories daily, even if exercising quite seriously, because if I do, I see the numbers climb up and my pants shrinking in the wash.

I am moving further from meat and more towards vegetarianism again.  It just feels right for me.  I think I will continue to have some form of meat once a week, and eggs perhaps 5-6 per week, fish twice a week, and for the rest veggies, legumes, mushrooms, a bit of grains (which I mill myself and make into a brick like concoction that I leaven with a combo of yeast and sourdough starter).  I do drink 1 to 2 cups of milk or yogourt (which I make myself, the yogourt not the milk that is), and the rest is cashew or almond milk (which I also make in the blender).

It is a good diet, on which my skin looks good and I feel well.  I am not hungry often.  I am just not sure where to go with the caloric intake, stay the same or cut further as the breast milk gets more established (after another month that is).  So far I am keeping up with making the milk Daniel needs, but I don't want to rock the boat, especially since I am still on domperidone, blessed thistle, fenugreek, and oats.  Any suggestions would be great.

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