Saturday, May 24, 2014

crazy idea

Wanna hear somethin' crazy?

I have entered the annual local triathlon again.  I mean, it is the logical next step after having had a baby less than two months ago, with the mandatory c section and the surprise hysterectomy, plus the (not so surprising by now) intrapartum hemorrhage.  Also highly recommended after being on bed rest for a few months...

I have exactly four weeks to train.  I am definitely doing the 1 km swim (but I am going to declare a slow time, so that I swim in the less competitive heath, otherwise the lean mean machines will put me to shame), and probably will have to run 5 km.  They allow a team approach, and I am getting a team mate to do part of the run and the 40 km bike ride, since my bike does not have breaks yet (which should help with the speed) and I don't have time to train for everything.  I am going to be lucky if I don't drown in the pool as it is.

After having my two kids, nothing seems too hard anymore.  I think eventually this might land me in trouble :).   However, my main impetus for signing up is remembering Emma's face when I came out of the pool last year (I did the swim part last year too) and her asking to go swimming and playing with my goggles for months afterwards.  It is inspirational to her, and the kind of thing that I know she would be good at.

Do they make swimsuits with the "Don't laugh at me, I just had a baby" inscription on the buttocks?  I need one in XL.

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