Wednesday, May 21, 2014

back home!

We are finally back at home.  Travelling with two small children and the luggage accumulated over the past four months in Vancouver is exactly the kind of circus that you probably imagine it is.  I used to be a light traveller, doing a full two weeks in Europe with a small carry on bag that held a dress, a skirt, a change pair of sandals or ballet flats, a second top, a bathing suit, a pair of pants and some underwear.  That was it.  I would wear a sweater and perhaps fold a rain cover in one pocket, if I felt particularly extravagant.

Gone are the days.
Wanna know what I had to bring along this time?  Four suitcases, one for each family member that came along (Daniel, who got gifted a lot of used and new clothing for the next year, Emma, who outgrew her old wardrobe while we were in Vancouver and hence came home with new clothing, my mother, who did not dare pack more than a spare change of clothing as her suitcase was full of things like my breast pump, cloth diapers, and organic coffee, cacao, olive oil, waxy diaper rash creams and calendula lotions from Whole foods, and my breastfeeding clothes, which are just about the only thing that I brought back from Vancouver, since none of my bottoms fit anyway, and none of my non breastfeeding tops will be practical for the next one to two years).  OK, so that was the suitcases.  Then, comes the giant double BOB stroller (named THE BUS by one of the fellow airplane travellers that had a good look at our moving circus), the photographic equipment (remember I bought a new used camera and a lens on Craigslist, and fixed an old broken lens, and MrH bought me another nice lens, and I got a flash, and in the end had to get a new camera bag to hold it all, so overall it was a sizeable piece of luggage as well), then come two car seats, a diaper bag, my purse, my mother's purse, and an umbrella stroller (more for the camera equipment really).

All that was missing was a cat in a carrier and a straight jacket.

Ever since we arrived, I am busy unpacking and hence will update soon.  I did not forget that I have a blog, I am just trying to prioritize things, and at the moment clean underwear and feeding the children and my husband just has to come first.  :)

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