Thursday, January 30, 2014

massive weight gain

Over the past week and a half I have put on six pounds.  In the previous week, I think it was something like four pounds.  The same thing happened with Emma's pregnancy at this stage, around 24-25 weeks and 25-26 weeks, I put on eight pounds in one week I think.  At that time I blamed myself for it, but this time I was prepared and counted every single calorie that went into my body, including those that come from the iron supplement that I am taking.  I am eating under 2000 calories every day, usually 1800-2000 calories daily.

For my height, 5'9'', that is not a lot of calories.  However, with Emma's pregnancy I ended up very heavy, at around 220 lb at delivery, and had a long hard road to losing the weight.  It took me about five months, and lots of running, but most importantly I did not actually lose all the weight.  That is why I started this pregnancy at 10 lb heavier than with Emma.  Well, sadly, at the same number of weeks, I am at the exact same weight, 190 lb.  Does this mean that I am heading towards the same threatening 220 lb?  Ouch. I remember how uncomfortable my feet felt all the time, and how much my hips hurt when lying on my sides.

I struggled with whether I should decrease the calories, as I don't want to affect the baby in any way.  I was thinking to go down to 1600-1750 cal per day.  I might do that for a few days and see how I feel.  If I am not significantly hungry, then it should be ok... I trust that my body will tell me if I should eat more.  The most important thing though is that I should probably stop baking and eating deserts and sweets.  Even the fruit smoothies that I pass as healthy in my book are probably avoidable.

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  1. I haven't commented before, but I have been following for a bit. Hi :) I had to comment because I am 5'9 and I was 220lbs at delivery too. I remember wanting sweets every day, all day. Your body will definitely let you know. The good thing is that it will come off eventually!