Sunday, January 26, 2014

24 weeks today!

We have reached viability today, although seeing as I am still so far up North, it is only theoretical viability at this point.  Once I will be in Vancouver, then chances are good for actual viability.  Anyway, hopefully we won't need any interventions until the scheduled C section at 37 weeks, but it makes me very happy to be here and so uneventfully to boot.  The cervix is holding well, and the baby is kicking very vigorously.  What more can I ask for?

I am very happy to be pregnant, I am feeling well, and finally am starting to imagine a little baby curled up in my arms.  In addition, guess who's nesting?  And I only have one week to nest, as I am flying out to Vancouver next week.  I got out the car seat, the Puj tub, the Stokke stroller attachment for the baby stage and for the car seat, I bought a jogging stroller for two (the Bob duallie) for 350$ used on Craigslist, and I washed the Baby Bjorn.  My husband and a helpful young man brought the change table from the basement, and I got the cloth diapers and the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets ready.  Most of the G-diapers are pink though, so I am thinking that I should buy some green and orange ones.  Will try Craigslist and Ebay, and I am going to be selling the pink ones via the same route.

Unfortunately most of the clothes are pink and purple, so I will have to buy almost everything for a boy.  I got the 0-6 months undergarments, as I initially bought them in white, and I also luckily have some red snow suits, but other than that, I have to repurchase almost everything.

In any case, I am shocked at how easy it was this time to get ready.  Everything was in labeled boxes, and sorting through the boxes took at most half a day total.  It took me a lot longer to nest with Emma!  Having the "hardware" ready (car seat, baby tub, bouncy seat, infant carrier, stroller, change table and mattress) made it all easy.  We sleep in the same bed, so no baby crib, but I did buy Emma a twin size bed with mattress, mattress cover, organic cotton linen, and a down duvet.

I will also have to get a new car seat, which should be the only large expense other than the double stroller.  For my car, I have to old car seat that Emma was in, a Graco Snugride, but I think for my hubby's car I am getting one of those that you can keep until booster stage, preferably up to 65 lb.

Here is my boring update.  All is going really smoothly, so I cannot write about anything exciting.  Which is just the way we like it (grin:).


  1. Congrats on reaching viability, that's a huge milestone!!! I myself cannot wait to get there! It seems we're in the same boat in terms of prep except with the opposite sex. I too am looking into double strollers used and have yet to find the right one, hopefully soon and will need to get baby girl clothes, otherwise just need to work on transitioning Ian into a toddler bed as well. Love seeing this update from you!

    1. You will be at 24 weeks in no time as well!