Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I am very thirsty lately, especially at night.  I tried to measure how much fluid I am drinking in one day, and gave up after four liters.  I don't know if it is normal, but I suppose it has to be since I am feeling healthy and have no other complaints.  My weight fluctuates +/- 5 lb from day to day, showing just how much water I am moving in and out.  I think that if I cut back on the salt it would probably stabilize more, and I am going to experiment with that tomorrow.  Today I got my Varoma cookbook for Thermomix and cooked some blue cheese soufflés in the steamer, and some deer meatloaf also in the steamer, with potatoes that had a creme fraiche/anchovies sauce.  Guess how much salt was in the whole shebang by the end?

I still don't like drinking plain water, but am not vomiting it anymore.  I prefer to add lemon juice, about one lemon per liter of water, that gives it a much improved taste.

The baby is moving a lot.  It turned breech two days ago and is kicking me in the bladder, which is a bit uncomfortable, but fortunately he is still so small that it does not matter too much.  We had another ultrasound yesterday, and the cervix is holding well, at 4 cm.  I don't think I will be having more ultrasounds until mid February or so.  My next OB appointment is for Feb 4, so I guess I am getting my ultrasound appointment after that.  However, now is when I have the most likelihood of problems, so I would very much like it if I could get an ultrasound every two weeks, to set my mind at ease.  Every ultrasound makes me feel safe for about a week or two, which is prefect.  By week three I am starting to get nightmares involving bleeding, preterm labour, and leaking amniotic fluid.

So far, enjoying the fact that everything is going well and the hope for a full term baby!

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