Thursday, November 7, 2013

update 12w4d

Ain't this weird?  They have discovered a new ligament in the knee.  How is that even possible?  It's a bit like looking at your hands for a lifetime and discovering that you actually have a sixth finger that you never noticed on the right hand.  We do MRI's and arthroscopies and open up knees and dissect them all the time, and hey, look at that, a new ligament that nobody had seen before... I wonder what they thought it was before?  a piece of chicken fat?

Anyway, I was amused a bit reading this today.  I am feeling better recently, and have started taking Emma to the pool, playing with her, and teaching her numbers and letters.  She is very stubborn and does not like being shown anything, so I have to be very sneaky about teaching her.  The moment it looks like I am trying to teach her something, she completely loses interest and wants to do something else.  If however it looks like I am playing, then she joins in.  For the letters, I have filled a plate with cornmeal and we are drawing them with our finger in the cornmeal.  Messy, but reasonably effective.

Emma is also very much in love with the ipad/iphone apps and she learns from those as well.  There are apps that teach shapes, and numbers, and letters.  The problem is that she only wants to play the app with the shapes, because she knows all her shapes and she always wins the "stickers".  Again, if something is difficult or she is not very good at it already, she wants nothing to do with it.  How is this child ever going to learn anything?  I hope it is just a two year old phase that will pass by the time she has to go to school.

That's about it for the update.  I will post again on the long weekend, since I will have more time.

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