Friday, November 8, 2013

not much new

I am becoming one of those annoying women who forget that they are pregnant and just go on with their lives without worrying all that much about, you know, losing their baby every three seconds.  I guess the fact that the nausea has improved is also conducive to feeling good and optimistic.  I have finally managed to send in the NIPT test for chromosomes and am waiting for the results, which I should have by next week.  I am a little unsettled when I have to wait for results, but frankly 1:500 chances are not my big worry here (I am talking about the odds of Down's syndrome for the age of egg retrieval, which was when I was a youthful 32).

On the plus side, next week I get to find out the sex of the baby, which is so exciting!  If it is a boy, I think he will be wearing pink cloth diapers, unless I can think of a way to dye them safely.

I am gaining weight at a rate of 1 lb per day if I eat more than 1600 calories per day.  If you read any of the recommended diets for pregnant women, they range from 2400 to 3100 calories a day.  Really?  Who eats that much?  If I eat 2400 calories a day, I expand so much that it is scary.  Since I have stopped being so nauseated and am eating better, I have put on three pounds, and it has all happened in the one week when I was eating around 2000 calories 'cause I was hungry, I mean I hadn't eaten in like three months, so I was like a possessed woman.

This is my very boring diet:  one banana, one cup of yogourt, berries, green leaves mixed with soy milk in the blender (we call it "green milk" in my house, and it is a way to get Emma to have her leafy greens), one or two eggs, a few slices of turkey breast, a slice of bread or some crackers at lunch, a handful or two of mixed nuts, and chicken or beans or fish with more veggies for dinner.  About 1500 calories or so.  I also drink about two cups of tea with one teaspoon of honey each, so another 100 or so from beverages.

I really would like to stick with the 30 lb recommended for this pregnancy.  Ideally 25 lb, as I started in the overweight range, but since I was only "overweight" by one lb, I won't worry too much about that designantion.

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